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Thu, 22 December 2022

NTT DATA launches ‘The Best of Us’, a technological and supportive New Year's Greeting

  • The Best of Us is an interactive animated short film that gives visibility to the company's core technologies and how they help people.


  • The campaign was developed by NTT DATA's in-house creative department.


The holiday season is a time of excitement, a perfect time to connect and share with family, friends, and colleagues. This year, NTT DATA wanted to send a technological greeting to all its employees, customers and partners with the launch of ‘The Best of Us, an interactive animated short film focused on human relationships and showing how technology helps people to give the best of themselves and improve the world. The campaign has a charitable purpose, as it allows anyone who views it to choose the NGO with which they want NTT DATA to collaborate.

The Best of Us has been developed by NTT DATA's in-house creative area and has been launched simultaneously in Spain, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Switzerland, France, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Romania, the USA, and the UK.

The campaign included more than 40 creative pieces, adapted for the different markets and distributed through social networks, internal communication tools such as newsletters, corporate audiovisual channels, and instant messaging channels, which have 1 million followers. To personalize the message in each market, 12 customized web pages were also generated.

"At NTT DATA, as a company specialized in technology consulting services, it is in our DNA to develop innovative projects that improve people's lives. That is why, when thinking about the campaign to congratulate our stakeholders for the New Year, the brand team chose to base it on a modern 'Christmas story', which allows us to explain with a touch of sympathy in Europe and Latin America in a coordinated way, how technology is present in our daily lives and how it helps us to be connected and improve our environment. The video's interactivity helps us show the dichotomy between the everyday gestures we make, often without giving them importance, and the technology and services that make them possible," says Rosa Sadurní, brand strategy responsible.


Rafa Fernández, creative director at the company, points out that "with 'The Best of Us' we want to show that, inside one of the largest technology companies in the world, there is the heart of all the people who make it up. And also our vision of technology and business, at a time of a certain vital pessimism about the future, with an unexpected style and tone. What we like most is that this style and tone come naturally and it's easy to connect with the message."


The story and the technology

To celebrate the new year, NTT DATA presents the story of Martin and Martina, a couple who were going to have a lonely New Year's Eve dinner that ends up turning into something much better thanks to a mix-up and, above all, technology.

The story reviews how technology has an impact on our lives that we often have already integrated and internalized, so we overlook it. For example, we have the mobility driven by 5G, both terrestrial and aerial that provides security, simplicity, and efficiency; or the benefits for the citizen of greater implementation of technology in administrations, cities, and all public services; added to one of the most advanced sectors such as banking with Artificial Intelligence solutions and the increasing improvement of cybersecurity to operate safely at all levels.

The whole story, which can be viewed on this website, presents in an interactive way the degree of involvement of technology in our lives and how, thanks to a series of tools and solutions driven by digitalization, we can provide the best of each one of us to keep society moving forward to achieve a better world among all people.

“The Best of Us" campaign

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