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5G is not just about faster connectivity. It represents a mobile technology revolution in business and society.

By combining cellular with Wi-Fi, it offers high-speed, low-cost cloud services and enables more productive collaborative work, taking the experience to another dimension.

More than any other company, we know the potential of 5G and help its evolution by developing innovative solutions that inspire corporate market and society transformation.

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Far beyond communication and connectivity, 5G has the potential to change almost every aspect of communication and business. However, its potential can only be maximized if we offer viable and flexible solutions that do more than just keep up, they lead the market.

The progress of 5G depends on the development of new technologies, ideas, applications and business models. With our expertise, strategic partners and talent, we are prepared to support our clients in implementing and managing this transformation and taking the business to a greater dimension.

Our differences

5G solutions for everyone, but adaptable to each company

More than developing solutions by sector, at NTT DATA we adapt them according to the challenges and objectives of each organization, respecting its current structure, organizational culture and minimizing risks and costs.

5G can transform the world

Automotive Industry: autonomous vehicles, automated parking

Health: remote surgeries

Manufacturing: Real-time workflow monitoring

Environment: clean energy, pest detection, smart irrigation and automated harvesting.

Retail: End-to-end automation and better shopping experience

Media: immersive experiences and collaborative platforms

5G Opens up new business possibilities

Marco Galaz, telecom partner & Eduardo Massaud, telecom director at NTT DATA, speak insights & experiences of the theme

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Technology enables real-time patient monitoring

The "Virtual Patient Observation" solution, developed by NTT DATA, using 5G, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI), allows the monitoring of 24×7 of these patients. The platform analyzes and classifies the images into three categories: no risk of adverse event, medium risk and imminent risk.

5G in soccer? Understand one of the applications that technology can bring

Booths at the Futurecom event feature several applications that can be achieved from 5G activation

Futurecom 2022

Carlos Alberto Fernandes, Executive IT Manager NTT DATA, highlights the potential that 5G has to drive great advances

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