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Digitize Health to Optimize Outcomes

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NTT DATA believes passionately in the power of digital technologies to help guarantee the sustainability of healthcare systems and ensure , that the benefits of new treatments and technologies are available to all.

We promote a holistic approach to public health and preventive medicine based on four pillars: putting people at the center and promoting  healthier lifestyles and a more user-friendly system; building absolute trust between individuals, businesses and institutions involved in healthcare; refocusing on personalized and precision care, and viewing patients as people rather than customers; and  creating integrated digital ecosystems that tie together disparate platforms and systems  for a one-world view.


Digital Experience

We help providers leverage digital technology to create and strengthen patient-centered relationship models and offer a consistently high level of integrated health and community care along the continuum.

Digital Talent

Health professionals have new needs and expectations as they seek to embrace the challenges posed by the digital transformation of their healthcare and acquire new digital skills.

Clinical Improvement

NTT DATA has deployed advanced technologies throughout the value chain from healthcare provisioning to clinical management (disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up).

Operational Excellence

The digitization and automation of management and healthcare processes allow providers to improve the quality of clinical care, improve operational efficiency and transition to personalized and precision medicine.

Data Driven Health

NTT DATA helps healthcare systems define new data-driven health strategies covering organizational models, processes, roles and functions, innovative service delivery models, and data management strategies.


Hospitals in the Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the key levers to the digital transformation of healthcare and NTT DATA can advise on and implement new cloud-based delivery models for EHR and other healthcare IT solutions.

AI in Healthcare

AI has multiple applications in healthcare and the challenge is often identifying those with most benefit. NTT DATA can help you identify real-world use cases where AI can be applied to digital health, in areas such as disease prevention or aiding diagnosis, for example.


NTT DATA can help develop interoperability solutions to guarantee integration at the system level and across the different levels of healthcare including home care, with “anytime, anyplace” access to medical and social history.

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