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A story about how technology keeps us connected

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The last night of the year is drawing near and - as happens with many parents, Martin and Martina will see off 2022 without the company of their children, who have moved far away from the family home.

Despite the circumstances, the couple decides to prepare a special romantic evening, which will end up taking a surprising turn, because of Martina, who makes a mistake and accidentally sends an invitation to all of her phone contacts! And, since anything can happen on the last night of the year, what was originally planned as an intimate dinner celebration ends up turning into a huge house party with many unexpected (but very welcome) guests.

Despite how it may seem, this story is not about magic, but about innovation. Our aim with this interactive video is to highlight the many ways that technology has a positive impact on our daily lives and brings us closer together. (Even sometimes by chance!) well as to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year.