NTT DATA revolutionizes the L'Oréal shopping experience with AI | NTT DATA

Fri, 17 November 2023

NTT DATA revolutionizes the L'Oréal shopping experience with AI

Lore, a beauty advisor powered by NTT DATA's conversational AI platform, offers hyper-personalized customer service and product recommendations that can be ordered on the fly.

In a rapidly evolving world, the media's responsibility to interpret and predict trends is multiplying. NTT DATA presents The Future Uncovered, a series of exclusive talks for journalists, opinion leaders, and communicators in Latin America.

Experts from the company will share their vision of the main technological and business trends on the radar in the future, explain the transformative impacts that lie ahead, and evaluate potential disruptions.

Through a simple, agile, and dynamic message, they will discuss the transformative power of technology to better understand how it impacts the future of business, society, and the planet.

"Our goal is to share knowledge with professionals who have this great mission of connecting all sectors of society through information and, as a result, contribute to a better understanding of the advances in technology and its impact on society, helping our region to stay ahead not only of the challenges but also of the opportunities that lie in the future," says Carla Kamoi, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications at NTT DATA LATIN AMERICA.

The Future Uncovered is your opportunity as a journalist, communicator, or opinion leader to anticipate the technological momentum and describe the future today.

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