NTT DATA and Telefónica presented two 5G proof-of-concept projects to improve customer services and experience | NTT DATA

NTT DATA and Telefónica presented two 5G proof-of-concept projects to improve customer services and experience

  • Through two Catalysts, proof-of-concept projects, the Japanese consulting firm is driving, in collaboration with other companies, the creation of innovative services that improve the offering and processes of the leading telecommunications company.
  • Both initiatives were presented at the Digital Transformation World (DTW) organized by the TM Forum, an event focused on developing collaborative environments that foster innovation with leading companies in the sector.

Consulting technology company NTT DATA is testing with Telefónica the use of 5G technology to create innovative new services and products and improve customer experience and satisfaction. Two new innovative projects led by NTT DATA and in whose development other companies are collaborating have been presented through participation in the Catalyst. This event is organized by TM Forum, an initiative to foster collaborative environments that promote innovation together with leading companies in the sector.

Based on 5G technology and tools such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, both solutions has custom-developed for Telefónica to improve its processes and services. The two projects, presented today at the Digital Transformation World (DTW) event hosted by the TM Forum in Copenhagen, have been developed as use cases and can be applied to any company in the telecommunications industry in the future.

Smart Spaces: The Next Generation of Services

This project enables the commercialization at scale of a portfolio of new digital services that can take advantage of the potential of 5G and Edge Computing, along with technologies such as augmented reality or computational vision.

Thus, applications based on this tool have been developed for sports events, allowing live user interaction during a competition, sharing the players' progress, or accurately tracking the ball in a tennis match. Other uses are addressed to increase security at events, preventing and monitoring any incident that may arise. Finally, a "grab and go" application has been developed to enable self-payment for products in stores without going through a register.

For all this, 5G networks, network slicing, and edge computing are key to supporting the demanding levels this new generation of digital services requires to transform business operations into new smart spaces.

Predicting and Improving Customer Satisfaction in 5G Networks

The second project focuses on developing autonomous networks to demonstrate how telecommunications operators can predict variations in customer service quality, acting in advance to avoid them and improve customer experience (CEI, Customer Experience Index).

Using Telefónica's network data and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches, the team has developed the predictive calculation of the CEI, implemented a new customer profiling model, used root cause analysis and management skills based on predictions of future intentions, and also developed a network digital twin.

The 5G network digital twin, developed by NTT DATA, is presented through an interactive 3D model with 360º vision, rendering the deployment of antennas and coverage over the detailed architecture of the cities. This allows more environmentally friendly decision-making on network deployment and operation by preventing technical staff travel for planning on-site.

Additionally, the digital twin of the 5G network supports the exposure of predictive CEI for new services, such as route calculation for autonomous vehicles predicting the route with better quality of service, since network quality is key for the future of mobility.


"At NTT DATA, we are facing the main challenges of the industry in the Latin American region, helping to find new sources of revenue for the industry through the concept of Smart Spaces, as well as achieving operational efficiency by improving the user experience under autonomous networks and the CEI (Customer Experience Index)" Hugo Alberto Nava, NTT DATA Partner - Network LATAM

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