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Mon, 29 January 2024

Talent: Transforming Potential into Value

Empathetic and approachable leadership is crucial in fostering an environment where individuals can optimize their skills and expand their knowledge.

Each of us has a unique background, a set of knowledge, and a variety of skills. However, we have to find the right environment to convert our full potential into value, both for the organization we work for and its customers and for society.

The leader's role today is to create such an environment. A place where trust and collaboration prevail. In which diversity and inclusion are much more than just mottos to gain reputation, becoming consolidated as a way of understanding how each person is allowed to express themselves.

A company's culture as a part of its DNA is essential for all this to work. Particularly important is the coherence between the values promoted theoretically and those the company puts into practice.

In this context, "empathetic leaders" become vital. These are leaders who lead by example through their actions. They admit their own mistakes, thereby enabling their teams to lose the fear of failure and to continue trying. They listen actively, ensuring that they are also heard in a broader sense than the traditional "voice of command". They maintain open and direct communication, which helps every member of the organization understand why they do what they do and the impact of their actions. Talent today no longer wants to just follow orders or be told what to do; they want to be part of a team with a purpose and understand the goal of each of their tasks.

When this level of closeness is achieved, it sends a clear message: to that leader, people are the most important.


Building a Meaningful Legacy

Once again, the Top Employer Institute confirms that we are on the right track. For the second consecutive year, we were recognized as one of the most attractive places to work in Latin America, with specific acknowledgment for each country in the region where we operate, and even with a global certification, reinforcing the idea that people are one of the pillars of NTT DATA's success.

However, as always happens when we receive an award of this magnitude, joy and pride are accompanied by questions: What can we do to improve? Can a leader go a step further and focus on positively and valuably impacting the lives of each employee?

Indeed, one of their key objectives should be to leave a legacy, positive and significant aspects of their management to the new generation: the ability to admit a mistake without blaming others, the willingness to take responsibility for their decisions, the motivation to achieve the best possible outcome in every project, and the curiosity to continue learning in a rapidly changing world.

At that point of maturity, the multiplier effect occurs: the right people, in the right place at the right time, working collaboratively to build a better society.

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