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Tue, 15 August 2023

Connective leadership: a stepping stone to building a purposeful identity

Leaders who foster trust, transparency, and team achievement are key to the success of a branding project

Coherence and consistency are two fundamental values for the success of a brand project. The key messages related to the purpose, values, identity, transparency, and reputation of the organization must strongly impact society. However, it must first reach the company's internal environment for this to happen.

Every employee must be an ambassador, formally and informally. From the opinions expressed in the media or a presentation at forums and congresses to every meeting with a prospect or interaction with a client, everything represents an opportunity to make the organization's reputation stand out.

And not only that, the business card, the signature on digital media, the submitted estimates, and even the internal distribution documents are tools and opportunities to apply the guidelines approved by the company: a single corporate identity.

Promoting connective leadership is essential to achieving all these objectives; in other words, leadership can manage solid relationships with all members within the organization, regardless of their area or role. A connective leader values team results above individual ones. This is why they enable collaborative thinking and the connection of ideas and knowledge.

This type of leadership focuses on people and drives other benefits related to branding and marketing. First, it promotes an evolution from hierarchical models to more collaborative approaches, such that what was always considered a "downhill" or inherent process in these areas now becomes a collective task and, therefore, is embraced with higher levels of commitment.

A solid strategy helps create a powerful brand. One that commits everyone in the organization is invincible.


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