NTT DATA transforms its knowledge management together with everis, using Microsoft cloud technology | NTT DATA

NTT DATA transforms its knowledge management together with everis, using Microsoft cloud technology

NTT DATA will implement a global knowledge management strategy and culture for the whole company in partnership with everis. This innovative project will be powered by Microsoft cloud technology.

NTT DATA undertakes this challenge by implementing the everis Knowler solution that transforms knowledge management by mixing structured and unstructured data in a store, creating a new digital workspace to maximize group synergies through collaboration with knowledge. To do this, it extracts all relevant information from databases and applications as well as any documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, email or schedules) storing it in a repository called “Knowledge Lake”. Through the native integration of everis Knowler as a higher layer over Office 365, Azure and OneDrive, it also always respects privacy levels set by each user being GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

everis Knowler is able to identify relationships between the different types of content and index them accurately, making them useful and generating a new cognitive interface. Through ontology techniques and the application of AI connects all the internal information of the company to automatically generate new knowledge.

everis Knowler will impact 11.000 NTT Data employees in FY19

The deployment of everis Knowler throughout NTT Data will be progressive, expanding through departments in stages, reaching 11,000 company employees in Japan during FY 2019. Thereafter, it will be deployed through other NTT Data group companies in more than 50 countries.

The overall objective of the Japanese firm is to evolve its corporate culture and become an organization driven by knowledge. The generation of this new intellectual capital provides a differential added value and new working methods that lead improvements in efficiency, speed and productivity being extended throughout other group companies.

Smart Knowledge Management

Additionally, NTT DATA, everis and Microsoft have designed a common Go-to-market strategy for a new suite of solutions in the Knowledge Management category called “Smart Knowledge Management”. This innovative offer is being verticalized for different business sectors including Health, Banking, Insurance and Industry, generating full stack vertical solutions across specific business cases for each sector.

everis Knowler is ready for English, Spanish and Japanese speaking markets, with subsequent adaptations for other areas catered for in the product strategy. The ability to customize and adapt solutions for different sectors, makes everis Knowler a tool that provides a deeper flow of knowledge.  Based on an ontology and semantic search, it is fully structured to enable cost and time savings, increased productivity and better organization of information. All taking advantage of the potential built into the Office 365 environment.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Kitani, Executive Vice president and CTO of NTT DATA said: “we are implementing a very ambitious global Knowledge Driven Architecture to take advantage of our most important value, our employees and their knowledge. For this extensive implementation, in over almost 50 countries, the added value of the mix of Office365 and everis Knowler will provide the best end to end solution that is easy to implement, fast and transparent.”

Mr. Santiago Oller, Director of Partner Development of Microsoft Iberica said: “everis Knowler is a perfect component for our Office365 ecosystem generating a new wave of transversal solutions for Smart Knowledge Management as well as fully adapted business sectors solutions.  The implementation of everis Knowler and Office365 in NTT Data is a marvellous example of a Knowledge Driven Company”

Mr. Carlos Galve, Partner Technology of everis said: “the real value for us around everis Knowler and Office365 is the creation of shared innovative transversal technological platforms as well as verticalized products and solutions for all business sectors. The incredible capacities and capabilities of Microsoft ecosystem, mixed perfectly with our business sector knowledge and technology, allows us to lead big transformational digital strategies. The implementation in NTT DATA is a perfect example of maturity and commitment in digital transformation.”

More information about everis Knowler here.

Photo: Carlos Galve, Head of SuSI - Partner Technology, everis; Asako Yoshida, Global Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft Japan; Tsuyoshi Kitani, Director and Executive VP, CTO NTT Data


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