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Sun, 02 April 2023

NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2023 Presents the Future of Technology Evolution and its Impact on Business

NTT DATA, a global leader in IT services and digital business, released NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2023, an annual compilation of the latest trends in technology. The report is structured in two sections. The first is "Introduction," subdivided into three areas (Growth Driven by IT, Borders Transcended by IT, and The Future of IT), which focuses on the relationship between business and IT. The second, "Technology Trends," also subdivided into three sections (Growth-Supporting Mainstream Technology, Border-Transcending Growth Technology, and Future-Pioneering Emerging Technology), reviews in detail the course of technology evolution and forecasts how this will influence corporate strategy.

The report highlights how AI will enhance everything that is considered "smart" within organizations, how data condensation and software improvements will accelerate, how the cloud will engulf everything and transform the edges, how robotics will achieve intelligence, how virtual worlds will become fully integrated with people, how bioinformatics will expand the future, and how IT will make decarbonization a reality.

“The world is rapidly evolving, social conditions are changing, competition is intensifying, consumers are becoming ever more demanding, and environmental issues are on the agenda of organizations. In this fast-paced context, having information such as that provided by NTT DATA Technology Foresight, which enables strategic planning with a medium- and long-term perspective, is essential to survive and win in global markets,” says Alberto Otero, Head of Digital Technology Americas at NTT DATA EUROPE & LATAM.

In this ever-changing world, NTT DATA Technology Foresight, an annual insight published since 2012, uses an intelligence gathering of a massive amount of data to analyze the current scenario of growing companies that explore the maximum of information technology, serving as a compass that points the way to the future.

Moreover, NTT DATA uses NTT DATA Technology Foresight to create a vision of the future with its customers worldwide. It also develops the technologies and services needed to make that future reality. Below are some examples from 2022.

"NTT DATA Technology Foresight contributes not only to the creation of new businesses but also to the transformation of society," concluded Alberto Otero.

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