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Tue, 04 October 2022

NTT DATA Launches Innovation Center in Six Countries

  • Aimed at acquiring world-leading capabilities for utilization of advanced technology.


  • In Europe, the center will be in Italy and Germany, led by Italy, and will focus on quantum computing and industrial metaverse.

NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, has launched Innovation Center in six locations worldwide in August 2022. These local centers, situated in countries where customers have high sensitivity to the latest trend, will focus on leading-edge technologies with the potential to become mainstream within five to ten years, aiming to generate new business through joint R&D with such customers.

The initial organization structure will comprise Strategy Headquarters, which formulates the technology strategy, and local centers in six countries (Japan, United States, Italy, Germany, China, and India), which consist of around 100 experts, mainly researchers, consultants, and engineers. Technology themes will be established for each center based on the strategy from Strategy Headquarters. The center aims to expand its organization to 300 experts by the end of fiscal year 2025, to acquire world-leading capabilities for the utilization of advanced technology.

Through joint R&D with leading companies, as well as cooperation with universities and startups, these centers will be among the first to accumulate information on the advanced technologies in their regions. Such information will then become input for the next technology strategy.

In Europe, Italy is leading the center that, in collaboration with Germany, is currently pursuing initiatives for technology assessment and client proposals in cutting-edge areas such as quantum computing and industrial metaverse.

Innovation Center will focus on the following technology themes:

*Themes may be added/modified as needed depending on the results of technology selection.

  • Japan (NTT research lab technologies): Genomes, metaverse, quantum computing
  • United States (customer contract-related technologies): Digital humans, smart city planning
  • Italy/Germany (data processing, simulation technologies): Quantum computing, industrial metaverse
  • China (hardware-related technologies): Remote sensing technology (LiDAR), metaverse
  • India (*India will develop a framework as a center for prototype development)


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