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Introducing everis Finbow, the solution for users to plan their financial future

everis, has launched everis Finbow, a financial planning tool that enables the company to optimise its offering in the complementary social welfare area. This asset is designed to minimise financial imbalance in situations of widowhood, orphanhood, disability and/or retirement, as it allows financial and insurance companies providing guidance based on criteria of objectivity and uniformity.

Its cloud-based technology makes it easy to use, manage and update. Besides, this new solution enables financial and insurance companies to collaborate more closely with their clients in order to help them plan their future.

Tailor-made benefits for end-users

The increase in life expectancy is creating financial imbalances that has led to the rise of a new social need to plan for century-old lives.

In the words of Ángel Tudela, Banking Manager at everis and Head of the Center of Excellence for banking “the increase in the life expectancy has led to a review of the current financial and insurance model. Changes in consumption habits, the rise of the collaborative economy and the importance of data analytics, basic to learn about the real needs of society, suggest the present model is changing. In this context digital solutions for financial planning are essential to guarantee people’s future well-being”.

One of the key benefits everis Finbow provides to organizations is its capacity to produce precise simulations of users’ financial life, considering key events that may have a direct impact on the stability of the family economy. In this sense, the asset is able to perform short-medium-long term financial predictions while also suggests adequate economic solutions.

everis Finbow has the support of the new Center of Excellence for Social Welfare and Financial Planning, created to approach pension consultancy in a more independent, comprehensive and exclusive way. It will focus on providing solutions for an adequate planning, helping organizations to develop their commercial and assessment skills. The Center has the collaboration of Julio Fernández García, who has a profound expertise in the insurance field and will manage project coordination and new development options.

Victor Velasco, Head of the Center of Excellence for the insurance sector explains that “adapting to people’s life-cycle is essential since the needs of each family are different in each given moment. Likewise it is important to be flexible when proposing financial and insurance companies solutions to cover this gap”.

Julio Fernández García, everis Finbow Product Owner and Advisor to the Center of Excellence assures that “the greatest challenge society is facing is longevity and the only solution is planning. A life lasting hundred years needs serious planning and from our Center of Excellence we will support the change management in both consultants and end-users”.

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