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everis and Huawei sign global alliance

everis and Huawei have signed a multinational agreement in the Systems Integrator category, which is dedicated to consulting and outsourcing in all sectors. The company is one of the preferred partners for Latin America by Huawei. The scope of this collaborative partnership refers to integration projects (full stack) especially for telecommunications solutions, consulting services, testing services, infrastructure management, and support of developing Huawei BSS products.

According to Alberto de los Ríos, Managing Partner of everis Telecommunications practice for the Americas Region, this partnership gives everis greater visibility to the existing relationships with Huawei in Latin American countries, specifically in Colombia and Mexico, and will focus to strengthen and expand the relationship in Brazil and Argentina for the integration of BSS projects in the telecommunications sector. “We believe that everis and Huawei share a common growth goal, while adapting our capabilities to the new digital ecosystem. Huawei is one of the most strategic partners for us as it allows both companies to offer truly differential values to our customers,” said Ríos.

Huawei has competitive technological solutions, relevant worldwide references as well as a good global and local position within the market. everis has a deep sectorial knowledge of markets and segments, including business processes and operations of the most relevant customers within the telco sector, from business design to managed services. “Together, both companies provide telco customers with competitive technological solutions and services to respond to current and future challenges, especially digital transformation,” said Mr. Bai Shengping, Vice President of Huawei Software Product Line.

everis has launched a set of training and certification programs for consultants to acquire knowledge and expertise in Huawei´s solutions. The multinational consulting firm has a good understanding of Huawei’s solutions due to the successful projects that its team is running in Mexico and Colombia. “We are committed to move on to the next stages where we might acquire more end-to-end responsibilities within the implementation programs and even assume the role of leading the sales process, aiming to become the prime contractor in charge of implementing Huawei’s solutions portfolio for our customers,” said Alberto de los Ríos.

everis’ collaboration with Huawei Carrier Software Unit started in 2015, in context of the BSS Transformation Program of the Telefonica Group in Latin America, which has been recognized by the Win-Win Business Collaboration Award in 2016. In order to succeed in this process, both will be fully committed to reaching their goal of consolidating the relationship even more.


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