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Mon, 04 March 2024

Talent: Transforming Potential into Value

Effective communication, connective leadership, and values such as coherence and consistency drive employees to help achieve organizational purpose.

A company's purpose is its raison d'être and goes far beyond business outcomes. It is the lasting impact and value intended to impact its customers, its employees, its community, and even the planet. Communication is one of the key tools that help this purpose become a reality.

How come? First, by collaborating so that everyone in the organization understands and shares it. Then, by acting as a catalyst with the power to drive goal achievement and cohesion within the company. If the messages flow within the organization, they will also reach society in general: talent becomes the first ambassador of the brand.

Connective leadership is also essential to pave the road towards the purpose. It humanizes relationships and strives for closeness and personalization. They foster trust, transparency, and collective achievements based on variables such as consistency and coherence in what is said and what is actually done. At the same time, they allow everyone to express themselves, promoting empathy and active listening. Communication becomes a two-way process and significantly enhances the employee experience.

When vision, goals, and challenges are openly and honestly shared, people feel more engaged and connected, and teams grow stronger with greater motivation. Each employee will do their best to enhance our company's reputation with every customer, colleague, prospect, or business partner. Thus, the company's purpose is consistently conveyed in all interactions, which strengthens the brand's identity and creates an emotional connection with the different audiences.

At NTT DATA, we work to bring these concepts into practice every day. The evaluation results followed us: Top Employer Institute recently selected us, for the second consecutive year, as one of the most attractive places to work in Latin America. This recognition makes us even more appealing as we continue to fulfill our vision of being the top company with the best talent. We assure our clients that we have the right skilled people to carry out those projects that allow us to ignite tomorrow today.

What is the final output of this virtuous circle? A strong brand with an excellent reputation, sustained by the passion, collaboration, and teamwork of every member of the organization.

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