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Fri, 05 August 2022

Digitalization and Sustainability: The Combination to Lead Organizations into the Future

Sustainability rises to the top of CEOs' agenda. Sustainability rises to the top of the CEO's agenda. The recent Gartner report supported by NTT DATA, "2022 CEO Survey: Sustainability and ESG Become Enduring Change," revealed sustainability first appeared on the top ten CEO business agenda list with a 292% YoY, increasing the priority level from the CEOs.

However, environmental issues are not the only aspect that CEOs perceive as "sustainability." Organizations are incorporating a more comprehensive approach to ESG, which includes diversity and inclusion, workplace wellness, support for the local communities, promotion of circular trade and equal opportunities, use of renewable sources, low-emission fuels, and new energy sources such as green hydrogen, among others. This ESG approach appears at the top of CEOs' priorities in corporate terms.

Today, sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, and it could even be said that one cannot exist without the other. The report highlights how the investors to whom CEOs will collaborate over the next two years also have ESG policies at the top of their priorities when choosing where to allocate capital, ranking third, behind only the return on investment and revenue growth.

Being responsible and caring for the environment and communities and implementing a good governance model is not only a way for today's organizations to increase reputational value. And, to achieve greater access to capital (as mentioned above, 74% of CEOs believe that ESG strategies attract investors), to recruit and retain the best talent (similarly to 74%), and to generate new business (77% say that customers prefer to interact with sustainable companies).

Digitalization plays a key role in achieving sustainability, and both elements must go hand in hand to create high-impact solutions. The technologies available are essential to improve organizational processes and structures and reach these sustainable development goals. At NTT DATA, we call this new paradigm "Twin Transition." The synchronization of digital transformation and sustainable transition, where it is not only necessary to drive a sustainable digital transformation, where digitalization itself is the key to achieving sustainability to lead organizations into the future of the business needs on the market. The future will be sustainable and digital, or it will not happen.


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